Jesus Paid It All

Unlike the standard everyday songs heard on the radio, Christian music lyrics are simply to possess much more of an uplifting message. Christian music lyrics have purpose in their lyrics, and are written to uplift your attitude. Without even realizing it, these lyrics can change the outlook on your own day! The music and lyrics listened to can affect your evryday life.

Sheril Moffett
Many secular music stations and CDs have trashy lyrics; a number of these songs have raunchy and angry lyrics and sounds. However, Christian music lyrics lean towards showing the glass being half full rather than half empty. They have optimistic lyrics, and tend to be filled up with encouragement. Christian music lyrics show how Christ would want us to look at life, with joy and hope.

Sheril Moffett

One example of great Christian music lyrics is Casting Crowns many uplifting songs. Their recent hit song, "East to West" in the album The Altar and also the Door is filled with meaningful lyrics that report the romance of Christ. This song depicts the struggle of a Christian to totally realize God's amazing forgiveness. Like many Christian music lyrics, the bridges words in "East to West" do understand and truthful stating, "I know you've washed me white, Turned my darkness into light . . . I'm not really keeping you, Your keeping me!" Like the lyrics here, many Christian music lyrics are hopeful and positive.

Words, especially offer music, tend to be more impacting. What you hear in the song affect your attitude a lot more than what you know already. Without realizing it, what it's all about of a song could be changed into something unconscionably obsess with. Hearing an audio lesson repetitively brings about having a song stuck in your head - Having those lyrics being repeated repeatedly using your mind.

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